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The knock-on effects of COVID-19 have meant access to dry dock ship repair has been restricted to ensure shipyards can effectively practice social distancing.

SPS Technology’s Ian Nash speaks to Maritime Journal about how Sandwich Plate System (SPS) can help alleviate dry dock ship repair pressures through the use of riding squads. Work undertaken by riding squads, which would normally require dry docking, includes SPS repairs for decks, bulkheads, side shell protection, and machinery space upgrades.

The deployment of onboard riding squads that can conduct class approved repairs and maintenance (up to and including steel work) while the vessel is operational at sea allows for this fresh thinking now and beyond COVID-19.

Ian NashMaritime & Offshore Business Development Manager, SPS Technology

SPS delivers reliable maritime and offshore vessel and asset repairs

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SPS Technology has over 20 years of extensive experience delivering repairs to Maritime & Offshore vessels and assets using our structural composite panel, Sandwich Plate System (SPS).

A permanent repair solution, SPS is class approved and our global  Network Partners can deliver a repair on your vessels or asset.  Together we are able to deliver  quality assured repairs and maintenance for assets and vessels anywhere in the world — including at sea and in service.

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