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We have important news to share! The AMPP, or Association for Materials Protection & Performance, has delivered the new “AMPP SP21507-2022, Standard Practice for Sandwich Plate Repair of Steel Structures”.

The SPS Technology team believe this is a key and important milestone for engineering and the first standard for sandwich plate for oil and gas by a professional association other than Class societies. We feel this standard is required reading for anyone interested in corrosion control or doing research into structural composites.

A huge thanks to the AMPP members

Having balloted for this research to be undertaken, the AMPP members seem to agree, and we extend our thanks to them all. The majority of the new standard was written by our Network Partner, Chao Wei, with input from our own Head of Maritime Engineering, Dr Oleg Sukovoy, alongside Philippe Noury, Andrea Galter and Johnny Eliasson.

Read the AMPP Standard for SPS Repair

Combining the NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) and SSPC, the AMPP is dedicated to “[equipping] society to protect people, assets and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion” and has many resources available, including a useful YouTube channel!

Though SPS Technology cannot directly share the details of the new standard with you, we encourage our readers to find out more through this link.

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