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SPS Technology’s Ian Nash discusses the importance of sharing know-how in the hard-hit offshore sector and how SPS Cold Work Repairs can help drive change to close the offshore market knowledge gap.

The steady resurgence of in activity across the last few years in the offshore oil and gas market has created a very different mindset to the boom market of pre-2008, one where maximising output and controlling costs now requires even closer attention from asset owners. The renewed appetite for oil and gas products is enabling owners to capture further value, with many seeking lifecycle extension solutions to delay decommissioning of older assets.

Ian NashBusiness Development Manager, Maritime & Offshore, SPS Technology

What you don’t know can hurt you: addressing the offshore market knowledge gap

Ian examines how ‘the brain drain is a hindering factor’ in the offshore knowledge gap and importance of  ‘improved collaboration and knowledge sharing can drive change’.  Click on this link to read the full article.

Read more about SPS Cold Work Repairs in these Guidance Notes

Previously referred to as No Hot Work repairs, an SPS Cold Work Repair uses  structural adhesives coupled with bolting. All parts are pre-fabricated on-shore and delivered to the ship along with the installation team. Traditionally an affected area would be cropped and renewed. This is an invasive and lengthy process that involves flame cutting, arc gouging, grinding, welding, replacing insulation… the list goes on. Environmental concerns from the oxyfuel gas cutting process include emissions of particulate matter and hazardous air pollutants associated with the fumes.

Repairs using SPS use less energy, create less waste, and don’t generate welding emissions or particulate matter. The repair will have greater global strength than the original and will last the life of the asset.

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