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Seeking to offset rising steel costs whilst maintaining schedule and the safety of Personnel on Board? Keep reading to discover Sandwich Plate System’s cost-effective Cold Work repair solution!

Crop and renew alternatives for shell & deck repairs

Fact: Crop and Renew was the only solution for ship and vessel maintenance and repair for many years.

Reality: You might choose the most familiar solution, but that choice has no long-term economy.

Solution: Compared to traditional crop and renew methods, SPS offers 60% less new steel, 75% shorter schedules, 55% less carbon dioxide equivalent and 70% less on-board welding (100% for Cold Work)!

SPS Technology has conducted ‘no hot work’ repairs using our structural composite namesake since 2003. Our global network has worked on a wide range of projects on all sorts of vessels, including cruise vesselsLNG tankersROROs and bulk carriers, with minimal disruption and increased safety for personnel on board.

And the best part? Our SPS Cold Work solution is up to 11x cheaper and 3x faster than traditional crop and renew, allowing owners to manage repairs effectively, control costs, and increase ROI.

So, what does a ship and vessel maintenance repair solution entail using cold work? Let’s take a more detailed look!

Cold work repairs with SPS Technology

For ship and vessel maintenance, SPS Technology engineers can utilise existing stiffened plates as sandwich faceplates, eliminating the need to crop out the existing corroded structure. Here’s the simplified process:

  • preparing the surface to the required standard
  • installing perimeter bars
  • fitting top plates
  • testing for air tightness 
  • injecting the elastomer core material
  • and application of a coating and/ or wearing surface as required.

Sandwich Plate System’s elastomer core material formulation was developed (with BASF) to meet the structural requirements, fabrication and operating conditions, and the requirements of Classification Societies, international regulatory bodies and maritime authorities.

Stuyvesant Hopper Dredger aerial footage

Sometimes seeing is believing. Check out this incredible drone footage our engineering team captured of the Stuyvesant Hopper Dredger! Our SPS Project Manager, Keith Galway, and our Network Partners, Marine Offshore Management, have been installing SPS onto the bulkhead of this 40-year-old vessel so that it can continue to dredge and hold approx. 15,000 metric tonnes of sand! Life-extending engineering applications for a powerhouse of a vessel.

Discover SPS

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