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We are pleased that in June 2020’s edition of Dry Cargo International the use of Sandwich Plate System to reinstate tank tops is examined. In the dry bulk industry, where cost control has always played a key role in enabling owners to maintain business continuity in challenging circumstances, repairs and maintenance budgets will naturally be under increased scrutiny.  Ian Nash of SPS Technology talks a length about how the impact resistance offered by SPS makes it a superb way to reinstate battered tank tops. Read the Dry Cargo International article

Tank top reinstatement with SPS Technology

“By surpassing traditional approaches to ship maintenance with updated techniques, shipowners and operators could witness financial gain both from the newly adopted methods as well as the reduced number and severity of repairs being made in the first place. The dry bulk sector can achieve its goal of safe and efficient repair by adopting the permanent, class approved solution SPS (sandwich plate system) by SPS Technology — a structural composite material.”

SPS Technology has extensive experience with reinstating tank tops — from the Pacific Star to Allseas’ Solitaire.  We also have a YouTube video about how SPS was used to reinstate the tank tops of the Allseas’ Solitaire tank top reinstatement >

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