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SPS Technology is proud to have co-authored a presentation for SOBENA 2021 to describe Cold Work repairs using SPS as part of SOBENA’s 4th Workshop on Offshore Asset Integrity and Maintenance.

Discover the power of SPS Cold Work repairs

In this webinar presentation, the team behind the delivery of a Cold Work repair  — on the main deck and over the oil tank  — on the FPSO CAPIXABA details using Sandwich Plate System as an alternative to traditional crop and renewal.  Detailing the areas to be repaired, the savings offered to the owners are quantified here: what would possibly have been a repair requiring 105 offshore man days with seven personnel on board (POB) was reduced to 27 offshore man days with three POB.  The strength of the main deck was actually enhanced while the risks of fire-related hazards were eliminated.

The SOBENA 2021 — Cold Work SPS Repair presentation is available for download in English.

Or please view the original SOBENA webinar in Portuguese on YouTube.

SPS Technology would like to thank the co-authors, including our Network Partners SBM, Megatherm and ASOM:

  • Dr. Oleg Sukovoy, Snr Design Engineer (SPS Technology)
  • Mohd Farihim, Operations Manager (SPS Technology)
  • Andrea Galter, Operability Lead Engineer (SBM Offshore)
  • Leile Froufe, Senior Managing Principal Engineer (ABS)
  • Sergio Mattozo, Director (Megatherm)
  • Benson Tai, Commercial Manager (ASOM)

There is a new entry of players in the predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance market. Until 2015, this type of service was dominated by a relatively small group of companies. The understanding is that the appearance of other companies reflects a complete change in this scenario... good examples of asset integrity and maintenance are focused on current industry best practices that have been developed over the years. Such practices look at how innovation and technology can help shape the future of offshore maintenance.

Eng. Ronald CarreteiroWebinar Coordinator

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