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SPS Technology were honoured to be a Gold Sponsor for SOBENA 2021 – the 12th International Seminar on Inland Waterways and Waterborne Transportation (12o Seminário Internacional de Transporte e Desenvolvimento Hidroviário Interior). SPS Technology and our Network PartnerMetalock, co-authored and delivered a webinar at SOBENA detailing the conversion of single-hull vessels using SPS reinforcement to provide an alternative hull structure that is equivalent to — or better — than double-hull construction in protecting the environment against oil outflow and oil pollution.

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In a grounding simulation using comparative analysis, we compare the performance of a conventional double hull bottom barge with that of an alternative SPS Compact Double Hull (CDH) design.  The resulting simulation shows how the traditional double hull construction will rupture, fail, and lead to oil outflow and oil pollution. The SPS CDH grounding simulation shows significantly less damage extent: it is spread over a larger width as the load is distributed and there is no growth in the damaged area. Rupture is prevented and there is no oil outflow and no oil pollution.

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An English-language version of the ‘Equivalent SPS Compact Double Hull (CDH) for Inland Waterway Vessels‘ is available for download.

The SOBENA webinar was a great success, attracting around 70 attendants, as well as many questions.  The original webinar presentation in Portuguese is available on YouTube. We’d like to thank the original authors, Dr. Oleg Sukovoy of SPS Technology and Silvio Pedro Alves of Metalock, who also presented the webinar.

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