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How can ship operators capitalise on record breaking spot rates, while also ensuring that their vessels receive vital, efficient ship repairs?

Choose SPS for efficient ship repairs

SPS (Sandwich Plate System) is the answer. As a cost-effective, environmentally superior and time efficient ship repair and strengthening solution, SPS reduces repair time by up to 60% compared to traditional crop and renewal techniques.

This class-approved solution offers a competitive alternative to crop and renewal, not only reducing project time but also the amount of steel required to complete permanent repairs that last the lifecycle of a ship. Read more in Ship and Offshore Repair Journal.

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SPS Technology offers significant saving in space and weight. The life-long composite product can raise a ship’s productivity, a key parameter in IMO’s emissions-related energy efficiency existing ship index and its carbon intensity indicator.

Ship & Offshore Repair Journal

We use less steel because we have less complicated designs with no need for secondary stiffeners. Since we use existing steel for one side of the plate system, there is no impact on adjacent spaces, requirement for scaffolding or insulation removal and the core between the two steel sheets acts as a million tiny stiffeners, reinstating and strengthening the deck in a global manner.

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