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Sandwich Plate System (SPS) panels have been used for additional blast protection for an FPSO bulkhead being built by CSSC Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipyard (SWS).  The new FPSO, is being delivered in November/December 2019.  The SPS bulkhead (74.5 sqm) is located between the Emergency Generator Room and the CCR and Permit Office.

SPS Technology for Blast Protection on FPSO’s

Panels, into which the SPS elastomer core was subsequently injected to create the SPS composite, were constructed at SWS’s premises as part of sub-blocks of the FPSO’s accommodation house.  The completed sub-blocks were joined to create a complete accommodation house in April 2019 whilst the FPSO’s hull was in dry-dock.

Once launched in may 2019, the elastomer core was injected into the panels, whilst the FPSO was alongside at SWS. The injections took place over three days, 18 to 21 June, without incident and did not disturb any other work streams (electrical, piping, insulation and carpentry) which were in progress.

SPS is composite material which can either be used to repair and modify structures and vessels or for components.  It’s provides blast and impact protection, vibration and noise damping, fire protection, thermal insulation and can be used in many strengthening and reinstatement applications.

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