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At SPS Technology, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of networking opportunities across various construction industries worldwide.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, connecting with like-minded professionals, industry experts, and potential collaborators is essential to foster innovation and drive progress. By actively engaging in networking events, conferences, and industry gatherings, we continually expand our knowledge, establish valuable relationships, and explore collaborative opportunities that propel our company and the industries we serve forward.

ICOLD 2023 – SPS for Civil Engineering

Our commitment to innovation and excellence was recently showcased at ICOLD 23, where our expert in Special Applications for BridgesRodrigo Gorga, had the privilege of connecting with like-minded individuals interested in dams and the safe building and maintenance of large infrastructure projects.

Our Sandwich Plate System is revolutionising the way engineers approach bridge construction and restoration with the following:

  • Outstanding load-bearing capabilities, longer spans, and cost reduction.
  • Corrosion resistance, fatigue mitigation, and vibration dampening.
  • Reduced weight, material consumption, and carbon emissions.
  • Faster construction time, quicker delivery, minimal disruption, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Retrofitting and rehabilitation to strengthen ageing structures.

OTC 2023 – SPS for Maritime and Offshore

SPS continues to make waves in the maritime and offshore industry. Our Class-approved, permanent, structural composite is designed for new builds and repairs of all types of offshore assets. Recently, our maritime expert, Jonny Lim, and our esteemed partners, SRC and ASOM, attended the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX.

During this event, experts in the field discussed our innovative Cold Work Solution, which ensures asset integrity and the safety of personnel on board. The positive feedback relayed to our network partners, Asian Sealand Offshore Management, was encouraging – here’s what they had to say:

“Thank you to everyone for taking the time to visit our booth at the OTC Houston 2023. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss our services! Your presence at our booth truly made a difference, and we appreciate the time you took to learn more about ASOM and our offerings. We value the insights and perspectives shared with us during our discussions. The valuable input we received at this event will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing efforts to enhance our products and better serve our clients.”

NACDA 2023 – SPS innovation for Stadium Construction

Not limited to the bridge and maritime sectors, SPS Technology also left its mark at NACDA 23, the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics conference in Orlando, Florida. As the largest association of collegiate athletics administrators, NACDA boasts a membership of more than 22,000 individuals and over 2,200 institutions across the United States.

Attending this prestigious conference allowed us to expand our network and exchange knowledge within our profession. With thousands of attendees, hundreds of exhibitors, and an abundance of interest in SPS for future stadium projects, it was an event of immense significance. We were honoured to be part of the event and are excited to announce that our team will be exhibiting at NACDA in 2024.

Our own Quinton van Tonder shared his experience at the conference, emphasising the importance of real-life connections and face-to-face interactions:

“This conference gave me the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Social media and online meetings keep me connected to my network, who are both local and “from away.” However, there’s no substitution for meeting in real life. I had the opportunity to meet with more architects, contractors, and potential new customers in 5 days than I could do in 6 months. I returned from this conference with new ideas and approaches that make me more effective and efficient at work.”

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