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With their revenue streams temporarily halted by COVID-19, stadiums and arenas are seeking new ways to keep stadium renovation and reprofiling projects on track amid scarce resources. In an industry where weight reduction equates to weighty benefits from a cost, time and environmental perspective – replacing reinforced concrete with a structural composite system offers a breakthrough.

New ways to keep stadium renovation and re-profiling projects on track amid scarce resources

The stadium and arenas industry has heavily relied on reinforced concrete for all renovation and construction needs. In Issue 12 of Mondo Stadia, CEO of SPS Technology David Glover talks about how breakthrough structural composite systems can benefit owners in cost, time, and even on an environmental level. Our patented sandwich plate system (SPS) is a thoroughly tested and proven technology helping to establish the stadiums of the future.

Find out more in this month’s edition of Mondo Stadia:

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