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Citadel Access Protection


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SPS Technology

SPS Technology’s citadel access protection is a proven concept that has a successful track record for protecting ships and crew from piracy.

The internationally recognised Best Management Practice to Deter Piracy in the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia recommends that due consideration should be given to establishing a secure citadel that “is designed and constructed to resist a determined pirate trying to gain entry for a fixed period of time”. SPS is an ideal product for citadel hardening.

The SPS solution can be :

  • retro-fit to any vessel, asset or building
  • is reusable and recyclable
  • and most importantly, deployed within 90 seconds, keeping personnel on board safe.


The composite structure of SPS provides protection that is far superior to standard steel water-tight doors. Ballistic tests conducted at leading military facilities in the US, UK and Japan demonstrated that SPS structures outperform steel structures. Ballistic tests by QinetiQ (UK) indicate that the risk of penetration from projectiles is reduced by 75% and that these projectiles are stopped at higher angles of attack. The test series also demonstrated that Sandwich Plate System reduces the risk of fragmentation (scab) from the outside surface, which is a common cause of injury to personnel and damage to property. Once installed, the SPS barrier creates a detail-free surface that can be deployed within 90 seconds. SPS Technology’s Citadel Access Protection is used to protect at least one entire fleet, and could work on your vessel or asset — please contact us for more information.

More details about are in this download, SPS Technology’s Citadel Access Protection and our YouTube video demonstrates some personnel on board citadel hardening testing.

Take security seriously with SPS Technology

SPS Technology has over twenty years of experience and research-backed innovation across all of our sectors. Our structural composite panel, SPS, is a strong, lightweight alternative to concrete and stiffened steel for BuildingsBridges and other Special Applications.

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