Lehmann Vessels Pit-stop Repairs


Project Type

Reinstatement / Tank Top repairs to three Lehmann Vessels


Tallinn, Estonia / Alongside




Hans Lehmann KG


Germanischer Lloyd

The tank top plating on single hold general cargo vessels the Siegfried Lehmann, Heike Lehmann and Marie Lehmann required renewal in accordance with Germanischer Lloyd’s class requirements.

The owner, Hans Lehmann KG, and ship manager, Uniteam Marine, were keen to find the most economical repair to extend the service life of the vessels with minimal time out of service.

SPS was installed on all three vessels – Siegfried Lehmann – 534m²; Heike Lehmann – 578m²; and Marie Lehmann – 605m²  – for a total of 1,717m². This was undertaken by SPS Technology and our network partner, SRC, to provide project management, steelwork and elastomer injections on the three-vessel turnkey contract. Confidence in past experience with tank top renewals meant the team could commit to a 10-day pit-stop type repair.  Using existing corroded plating as one side of the SPS composite formed by a new top plate and an elastomer core, the tank top was permanently reinstated with the strength enhanced beyond that of the original structure. Despite adverse weather conditions, all three projects were delivered within the specified schedule.

An equivalent repair using conventional crop and renewal techniques would have taken upwards of 35 days per vessel.

The dedication and professionalism of the SPS Technology project team to complete the work without delaying the vessel impressed us. Using SPS simplified the tank top renewals and enabled us to substantially cut the repair schedule to just 10 days.

Dierk FaustManaging Director, Hans Lehmann KG