Above-ground Storage Tank Repair


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Above-Ground Storage Tank Repair





Sandwich Plate System was used as an overlay Cold Work repair to reinstate 45m² [485 ft²] of corroded floating roof at the Megara above ground storage tank farm in 2010.

Hellenic Petroleum is one of the largest refiners in south-eastern Europe and operates three refineries. The Aspropyrgos oil refinery is a complex type and one of the most modern in Europe. Located near the refinery is the Megara tank farm, an essential crude oil supply hub. Due to corrosion on the roof of tank 8770-B, it required rehabilitation and repair. As the tank had to remain in service, Cold Work repair with SPS (in other words, a ‘no hot work’ repair) was chosen as the most viable solution.

In total, 45m² [480 ft²] of corroded steel was repaired, reinstating structural integrity and preventing rainwater ingress into the floating roof pontoon. The safe, non-disruptive nature of the repairs with SPS allowed the tank to be repaired in service and avoid substantial out-of-service expense that a traditional crop and replace tank repair would have required and kept personnel out of harm’s way. The existing steel pontoon plating was used as one side of the composite sandwich. The composite is constructed by attaching perimeter bars (steel flat bar sections) to the existing plating using structural adhesive and then using the same material to secure the new top plate to the perimeter bars to form a shallow watertight cavity into which two mixed chemicals are injected to fill the void completely. The chemicals react within approximately 10 minutes to form a solid elastomer core that permanently bonds with the two plates. The resulting composite permanently restores and enhances the strength of the original structure. The process is extremely safe and quick and uses a fraction of the man-hours required for a conventional repair.

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The repair by the team was very professional and a great project from start to finish.

Mr. P. LoakimidisHead of Oil Movement Dept, Hellenic Petroleum S.A.