FPSO Capixaba Cold Work Repair


Project Type

Reinstatement/Cold Work Offshore Repair


On-station, offshore Brazil




SBM Offshore NV Group



Using the SPS Technology Cold Work Repair solution to reinstate the deck of the FPSO Capixaba ensured several benefits, including:

  • 100% operational capacity was maintained throughout;
  • the tank below remained operational;
  • A non-disruptive deck reinstatement was completed much faster than a crop and renew repair;
  • Reinstated deck plate stronger than original;
  • Fire risk was eliminated;
  • No crude oil tank cleaning was required, and no under-deck scaffolding was required in confined spaces.


The Cold Work installation method was used to deliver permanent SPS deck reinstatement and create a new composite section. Bolts and structural adhesive were used to fit and join the steel components, forming airtight cavities into which the elastomer core was injected.

All steel components were prefabricated before shipping on-board for installation. This approach reduced project costs, eliminated welding requirements, reduced offshore installation time, and simplified project logistics. The design and process were evaluated and approved locally by ABS Brazil.

The SPS deck reinstatement solution significantly reduced in-situ offshore work and Personnel on Board (POB) requirements, allowing the FPSO Capixaba to remain in operation while eliminating fire-related risks during the repair.

Please read more about the deck reinstatement on the FPSO Capixaba.

SPS Cold Work was a great solution, as well as being class approved, for steel repairs where both hot work and POB are a constraint.

Andrea Galter

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SPS Technology has over twenty years of experience delivering Cold Work and low-heat repairs on vessels and assets around the world. Our structural composite panel, SPS, is a Class-approved and proven offshore repair method that uses the existing surface as one side of the repair, so repairs are stronger, faster and safer than traditional crop and renewal repairs.

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