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Prefabricated Modular Unit – Pressure Test Enclosure


Bradford, United Kingdom




Hoerbiger UK Ltd

The SPS Technology Pressure Test Enclosure delivered a safer environment to pressure test compressor components, providing enhanced protection against projectiles and shrapnel.

The energy absorbing characteristics of the light, slim SPS panels made it ideal for this application. The 3.6m x 3.6m x 3.15m [12ft x 12ft x 10.5ft] enclosure was designed and constructed in accordance with HSE Pressure Test Safety Guidelines (Report 168/1998). It can withstand a nitrogen blast pressure of 0.1 MPa and prevent the passage of projectiles and shrapnel in a blast event. This equates to a maximum test pressure of 400 bar at the internal volumes being tested.

The composite structure of SPS provides triple-barrier protection and a safer working environment than conventional all-steel enclosures. Ballistic tests have demonstrated that SPS is more effective at absorbing energy from projectiles. It also reduces the risk of fragmentation (scab) from the outside surface of the SPS panel, which is a common cause of injury to personnel and damage to property. The Pressure Test Enclosure was prefabricated at our SPS production facility and transported to Bradford for on-site assembly. The bolted design incorporated an inward opening door that is secured against the metal frame when closed.

Hoerbiger’s aim is to offer the best possible quality and solution to our customers. The ability to test components to their full working pressure in a safe manner allows us to meet this objective. Using SPS panels gives our test engineers additional protection that steel alone would not provide.

Matt JacksonManager, UK Engineering & Technical Services, Hoerbiger UK Ltd
SPS Pressure Test Enclosure & Impact Protection

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