Modular Police Holding Cells


Project Type

Prefabricated Modular Units


London, United Kingdom


2011, 2013 (x3 sites) and 2019


Wates Construction

SPS Technology has a proven track record in the design, manufacture and installation of prefabricated modular holding cells.

Using our prefabricated modular units, a total of five sites have successfully been upgraded for the Metropolitan Police, London.

The use of SPS brings many benefits, including:

  • better ballistics and blast protection,
  • improved detainee and correctional staff safety,
  • more cells in a smaller footprint (SPS is only 28mm/1in thick, whereas typical construction is 200mm/8in),
  • scalable facilities (additional wings can be added when required)
  • and good acoustic performance (STC 34 for bare SPS).


The holding cells can be supplied either as a flat pack with on-site bolted assembly or pre-assembled off-site with welded connections with panels for corridors and ceilings delivered flat packed, ready for installation. All cells are independent units with no shared walls and can be installed after the building is enclosed (roof already in place).

Each cell, typically 2.4m (W), 3,5m (L) and 3.2m (H) [8ft x 11.5ft x 10.5ft], arrives on site with connections, penetrations and coatings incorporated at the manufacturing plant, which leads to a dramatic reduction in deliveries and construction time, which in turn improves site safety.  The cells, lifted directly from the truck, require smaller cranes and two four-person crews with a foreman; up to 10 units can be installed per day.

SPS Technology for special applications

SPS Technology has over twenty years of experience and research-backed innovation across all of our sectors. Our structural composite panel, SPS, is a strong, lightweight alternative to concrete and stiffened steel for BuildingsBridges and other Special Applications.

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SPS Modular Holding Cells