Climate Pledge Arena Seattle


Project Type

SPS Panels in Multi-purpose Arena


Seattle, Washington, US




Oak View Group (OVG)
Thornton Tomasetti
MA Mortensen
LeJeune Steel

Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle is intent on being the most progressive, responsible and sustainable arena in the world today. It aims to be the first net zero carbon arena globally.

The iconic roof of the Seattle Center Coliseum, originally built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, was retained by Oak View Group (OVG). Recycling the roof meant the arena construction consumed less embodied carbon compared to most other new arena construction projects whilst also reducing landfill waste.

The Climate Pledge Arena is able to accommodate up to 18,100 fans across a diverse set of activities and is home to both the Seattle Kraken ice hockey team and the Seattle Storm basketball team. The multi-purpose indoor arena is unique in being able to house hockey as well as other sports and concerts.

SPS solves unique challenges in stadium and arena construction

With any arena renovation project unique challenges arise, necessitating a unique solution. SPS Technology collaborated with the design team through BIM modelling and provided 170 pieces of Sandwich Plate System structural composite panels for a 273 ft. [83m] bridge that runs the length of the roof. In total, 7,646sq ft [710m2] of SPS was used . The bridge needed to be light enough not to place extra stress on the historic roof. In addition, four stair cases were accommodated.  As a fully recyclable and sustainable product, SPS helps to further OVG’s vision of an environmentally progressive building.

Climate Pledge Arena is maintaining its rightful place alongside other iconic Seattle landmarks, like other SPS Technology refurbishment projects: The Space Needle and Colman Docks Footbridge. OVG envisages the building being added to the National Register of Historic Places.