Delaware Stadium Stadia Re-profiling


Project Type

Stadia Re-profiling


Newark, Delaware, US




Thornton Tomasetti
Barton Malow
Freedom Enterprise Inc.

SPS stadia decking was used to update the existing stands of the University’s nearly 50-year-old stadium, using SPS Technology’s innovative system of re-profiling the existing precast concrete rakers with newly designed and prefabricated modular stool sets, bolted to the sides of the existing rakers, upon which new SPS stadia decking was installed.

The rapid erection cycle saw 60-80 terraces (accommodating 1,000-1,400 seats) installed in a working day by SPS Technology Network Partner Freedom Enterprise, Inc., at the rate of roughly 5-8 minutes per terrace. Included in the project were 3,625 new lower bowl seats including wheelchair spaces, as well as prefabricated ADA platforms.

The SPS stadia decking and components were delivered in eighteen 40ft open top containers – 28 units per container — pre-stacked in building sequence. A long-reach high capacity crane was used to lift the SPS over the upper bowl and installed from each side onto new steel beams.

The Delaware Stadium has been a successful model showing how venue owners and architects can sustainably tackle the renovation of an existing stadium by reusing the superstructure already in place. SPS Technology is able to analyse the current sight lines in the stadium and improve on them. The SPS system is also more cost-effective and:

  • eliminates wet trades,
  • requires fewer installers,
  • is built using lightweight equipment.

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