Liverpool FC Anfield Stadium Main Stand Expansion


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Terraces – Main Stand Expansion


Liverpool, UK





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The SPS Stadia+Arenas System was used in the upper tiers of Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield stadium redevelopment in 2016.

The Anfield Stadium construction project was successfully completed in September 2016, in time for the start of the Premier League 16/17 season. By adding an additional 8,500 seats, Anfield’s redevelopment saw it become one of the largest stadiums in the UK with an overall capacity of 54,000.

Seven rows of SPS terraces, totalling 886m² [9537 ft²] — equivalent to 1,500 seats — were incorporated into the design, solving some load and height issues faced by the expansion projects. The SPS terrace decking came in 139 sections and included six vomitory landings. The SPS terraces were installed in modules of three per lift, making the lift times much more efficient and overall installation time very fast.

Prefabricated SPS terraces are significantly lighter than concrete, requiring fewer additional frames and foundations, but delivering the same ‘foot feel’ and acoustic properties. SPS also provides superior dynamic loading control and a high strength-to-weight ratio for longer spans.

Architects KSS’ design for the main stand expansion of Anfield Stadium won ‘Commercial Project of the Year’ at the Builder & Engineer Awards in 2016.

Check out Inside Out Group’s Anfield stadium construction timelapse below; the SPS can be seen being installed at timestamp 1.19. By timestamp 1.20, it’s complete!

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