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Bridge decks built for a
100+ year design life

To address rapidly ageing and deteriorating bridge infrastructure, nothing compares to SPS.

Prefabricated structural composite SPS is a bridge deck and orthotropic deck overlay solution for bridges, new or old.

SPS bridge decks are custom-tailored to fit all project specifications with great dimensional accuracy. Cost-effective, pre-coordinated SPS bridge decks reduce weight, construction time and the need for future maintenance.

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Construction Benefits for

New Build Bridges:

  • Architecturally versatile.
  • Adaptable to reconfiguration in the future.
  • Many wearing surfaces applicable to suit design. 
  • Sustainability advantages over traditional materials.
  • Fully customizable and able to accommodate cambered girders, geometry variations in slope and curvature, railings, etc. 

Refurbishment Benefits for

Historic Bridges:

  • Overlay strengthening can be used on existing bridge decks to reduce stress ranges, increase structural capacity, and improve fatigue performance.
  • Used for renovation, upgrading, strengthening and widening existing bridges.
  • Eliminates and minimises the need for demolition.
  • More environmentally friendly. 
Image shows the green coloured Mettlach Bridge which incorporates SPS bridge deck with the nearest town buildings in the background.


SPS offers up to a 64% reduction in deck weight compared to a concrete deck of the same capacity.

The image shows a crane picking up a lightweight SPS bridge deck structure, with clear skies in the background.


SPS does not crack or spall like concrete. SPS has outstanding bending moment, shear, buckling and fatigue performance. Maintains or improves damping.

The image shows the construction scene of SPS bridge decks being used in the refurbishment of the complicated design on Port Rouge. Lightweight cranes and cars can be seen using the bridge whilst construction continues.


Deliver new shapes or reinstate historic bridges with architecturally versatile SPS. Able to accommodate skewed and cambered geometries. All projects coordinated through Tekla modelling.

The image features SPS Bridge deck on the Iserdiek foot bridge over water at night. The bridge is illuminated by lights, and the night sky can be seen in the background.

Cost Efficient

Prefabricated, modular SPS bridge decks arrive on-site ready to be installed. Fewer truck movements, lighter plant and less labor required!

The image shows a boat on ice in an arctic or polar region. The boat is surrounded by snow and ice, with a cloudy sky in the background. The scene depicts a frozen landscape with a boat navigating through the icy waters.


Backed by decades of testing, research and experience in some of the toughest environments on the planet.

Utilizing the steel-core bond interface, SPS bridge deck panels are effectively insensitive to fatigue.

SPS bridge reinstatement on ageing Ohio rural infrastructure.

The Cannelville Road Bridge in the village of Roseville in Muskingum County, Ohio was the first bridge in the U.S. with modular decked beams consisting of Sandwich Plate System (SPS) deck panels on Press-Brake-Formed Steel Tub Girders. In May 2017 the 52.5-ft-long and 24-ft-wide single-span bridge replaced the existing deteriorated bridge in 26 days, ahead of the 30-day maximum allowed closure.

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How does SPS overlay strengthening compare to other repair solutions?

SPS Sandwich Plate System

Regular Reinforced Concrete

High Performance Reinforced Concrete

Orthotropic Steel Deck

Reduce weight

(64% Weight Reduction!)

Open during rehabilitation

Maintain deck height

Cost efficient

Reduce construction time

Maintain/improve damping

Reduce need of future maintenance

Build a better tomorrow with SPS – the sustainable solution to bridge deck construction.

All SPS Technology building elements—everything we make for vessels and assets, stadiums and arenas, pedestrian and vehicle bridges, and buildings—are developed with efficiency, sustainability and fire performance in mind.

  • improve construction programme by reducing lift times.
  • carry loads and equipment immediately (once placed and bolted to).
  • allow for easier and faster fixing of additional components, reducing the number and duration of trades on site.
  • eliminate extra waste products on site.
  • allow earlier completion dates to be met.
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The SPS bridge deck allowed the entire project to be completed months faster and millions of dollars less expensively than a traditional concrete deck.

DialogCohos Evamy

Lightweight composite steel plate and elastomer deck surface saves months of project schedule and millions of budgets.

Modern Steel ConstructionMarch 2011 (Journal)

Using innovative construction practices to beat out conventional construction methods goes to show that engineers shouldn’t accept the status quo.

Competition Judge Frank RussoPE PhD of Michael Baker Intl


New Roadway Bridges

New Roadway Bridges with SPS Technology.

Tailored to provide the required dynamic and diaphragm performance that satisfies acceleration limits associated with vibrations due to vehicular loads. Standard details – including deck girder connections, expansion joints, drains, guardrails, crash barriers, abutments, and integral curbs – are integrated into the design.

In new build projects, SPS bridge deck facilitates:

  • Lighter girders,
  • Longer spans,
  • Lighter piers,
  • Fewer piles per pier,
  • Design life up to 100 years.
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Orthotropic Bridge Deck Strengthening

Orthotropic Bridge Deck Strengthening with SPS Technology.

SPS can be used to strengthen existing orthotropic steel bridge decks without replacement. The existing deck is used as one plate of the new composite, which stiffens the deck, reduces fatigue stresses, and spreads wheel loads over a larger surface area.

Strengthening is a four-stage process that combines in-situ steel work with elastomer injection in a predictable and repetitive procedure that can strengthen over 200㎡ of bridge areas per day, per crew, without fully closing the bridge as one lane is completed at a time.

SPS bridge decks are up to 70% lighter than concrete and are fully compatible with existing bridge components and wearing surfaces. Standard design procedures to upgrade a bridge are used to tailor the geometry and performance of each SPS bridge deck as a full replacement for old, cracked concrete or open grid decking for bascule and lift bridges, lowering stresses in the existing structural frames.

Reduction in deck dead load for deficient bridges assists with:

  • life extension.
  • elimination of traffic load restrictions.
  • increased load capacity.
  • minimising, or eliminating the need for reinforcement.
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New Pedestrian Bridges

New Pedestrian Bridges with SPS Technology.

SPS is tailored to provide the required static and dynamic performance satisfying acceleration limits associated with footfall-induced vibrations. Like highway bridge deck construction, pedestrian bridges with SPS are designed for a longer life of up to 100 years.

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Material Options

Material Options with SPS Technology bridge construction.

SPS bridge deck panels are manufactured in a wide range of steel alloys that include standard structural steel and weathering steel. For enhanced corrosion protection, stainless steel is another choice used primarily for architectural purposes on pedestrian bridges.

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Crash Barriers

Crash Barriers with SPS Technology.

Crash barriers on SPS bridge decks have achieved a TL-4 performance level as verified by pendulum tests conducted at the Texas Transportation Institute. Standard DOT guardrail systems (deck or side mounted) are easily accommodated.

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