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Modular building reduces costs, shorten schedules and increase revenue.

Increase the commercial value of existing and new buildings using SPS Technology’s prefabricated building solutions.

High-precision prefabricated SPS panels readily integrate with existing structure to simply and quickly add additional area.

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Use versatile SPS to solve complex architectural challenges.

An alternative to pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete, SPS modular building brings precision to your build with prefabrication and modern construction methods. There are added advantages:

  • 3D and Tekla modelling throughout the design process
  • Does not crack, spall, rupture or separate
  • Build in any configuration or orientation
  • Tailor the geometry to suit your design
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Seismically robust

SPS is up to 75% lighter than reinforced concrete, increases live-load capacity and is typically between one and three inches thick.

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Less time on site

Speed up construction with fewer deliveries, lightweight plant and less concrete.

Update Historic Buildings

SPS delivers custom, structural solutions in the most challenging areas—keeping iconic venues fit for decades to come.


Add extra floors, balconies, terraces or mezzanines without strengthening or modifying existing structure.


SPS resists rupture and maintains structural integrity in the event of a blast.

Maximize your design with modern methods of construction.


Commit to a Safer Construction Environment with SPS.

Prefabricated SPS offers unseen advantages over traditional materials:

  • Reduces deliveries to site and inconvenience to the area community
  • significantly reduces working at height and diminishes falls
  • eliminates the need for wet trades and reduces onsite drilling
  • cuts down installation time and labour, for the SPS installation and follow-on trades
  • Once bolted, SPS provides full structural capacity and can safely be walked on.

SPS is easily installed using your steel contractor’s standard working practices and doesn’t necessitate a specialist installer.

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Build a better tomorrow with SPS – the sustainable solution to building construction.

All SPS Technology modular building elements – everything we make for vessels and assets, stadia and arenas, pedestrian and vehicle bridges, and buildings – are developed with efficiency, sustainability and fire performance in mind:

  • improve construction programme by reducing lift times.
  • carry loads and equipment immediately (once placed and bolted to).
  • allow for easier and faster fixing of additional components, reducing the number and duration of trades on site.
  • eliminate extra waste products on site.
  • allow earlier completion dates to be met.
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SPS panels provided many advantages on this project. Installation was easy and took a fraction of the time required for concrete. They eliminated winter heating requirements, risk of freezing damage to finished surfaces and waste materials. Thinner panels gave more headroom than concrete. I would highly recommend SPS and SPS Technology.

Robert S HolmesSenior Superintendent, University of Alberta ICE Project, EllisDon Construction


SPS Building Expansion

Modular Building Expansion with SPS Technology.

SPS prefabricated, modular building components increase the commercial value of existing and new buildings by:

  • Adding additional floors, balconies, terraces, and mezzanines.
  • Extending additional floor slabs by up to two metres.

All without the need to strengthen or modify the existing structural frame or foundations.

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Extra Upper Floors

Extra Upper Floors with SPS Technology.

An SPS floor deck is less than ¼ of the weight of a traditional concrete floor.  This means up to three SPS floors can be created within the same weight load of a single concrete floor.  The reduced dead weight of the SPS system allows more floor area to be built compared to traditional systems without having to strengthen existing structural frames or foundations.

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Balconies and Terraces

Balconies and Terraces with SPS Technology.

SPS modular building panels can be used to create balconies or terraces up to two metres deep. This can help enhance the value of old or tired office space or enable the conversion of existing office buildings into residential accommodation.

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Mezzanines with SPS Technology.

SPS modular building panels can be used to create mezzanine areas within larger floor-to-ceiling areas, overcoming the weight or marginal height restrictions of heavier and more traditional construction materials. Particularly successful in refurbishment projects, SPS has been used successfully on both residential and commercial mezzanine solutions.

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Slab Extensions

Slab Extensions with SPS Technology.

SPS modular building panels can be used to extend main building slabs by up to two metres in any direction. This means that floors can be extended to create new lettable space and allow building owners to maximise their building footprint while fulfilling all planning requirements.

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Tall Buildings

Tall Buildings with SPS Technology.

Designs for tall buildings are often constrained by building weight and planning heights. SPS addresses both issues by substantially reducing the floor weight and thickness, meaning extra floors can sometimes be accommodated on the same site. Panels are lighter to handle on-site, are bolted into place quickly, and provide a usable working platform with 100% load capacity.

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Low Rise Buildings

Low Rise Building Construction with SPS Technology.

SPS enables contractors to rethink build sequences: to compress and accelerate even small build programmes. SPS modular building components can avoid the delays associated with building up complete floor by complete floor.

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Car Parks

Car Park Construction with SPS Technology.

SPS can be used to create lightweight, factory-finished modular car parks. The following features contribute to a fast installation:

  • the underside of the SPS panel is corrosion protected and the topside is delivered to site with non-slip coatings and guide markings as required.
  • the joints are sealed to ensure a watertight deck.
  • and the detailing for edge barriers and other fittings is undertaken in the factory.
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Auditorium Construction with SPS Technology.

Considerable weight savings over concrete make SPS modular building an ideal material for making terraces for indoor venues. Fewer columns and supporting beams are required, and installation is easier and faster than the concrete alternative.

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Concourses and Walkway Bridges

Concourses and Walkway Bridges with SPS Technology.

Large, open, suspended floor areas and walkway bridges benefit from the weight savings, fast installation, and easier logistics of SPS. Our panels permit longer spans with shallower and lighter beams. They are installed quickly and provide immediate 100% design load capacity.

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