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Harnessing SPS’s unique physical properties

SPS Technology has spent decades exploring the versatility of SPS for project challenges requiring added strength and survivability. 

Highly impact resistant, SPS can withstand extreme loads and absorb impact energy without cracking, spalling, separating, or rupturing.

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SPS Protects with Strength & Resistance

SPS operates much like an I-beam but in 2D! Bending moments generated by pressure loads are managed by the faceplates, which are set apart by the elastomer core. This setup generates a larger moment of inertia, making SPS remarkably lightweight yet robust.

Shear forces? No problem. The faceplates resist shear forces and seamlessly transmit them through the core. The result? A composite solution that embodies structural efficiency.

BUT THERE’S A DIFFERENCE: SPS can be customised to have any shape and thickness to meet all project capacity requirements.

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The optimal solution for hard-to-access locations: SPS reaches where other materials can’t. 

Modular Solutions

Prefabricated, Secure Modular Facilities. 

SPS can be used to build entire modular rooms – jail cells, safe rooms, pressure chambers and more – that benefit from SPS’s prefabrication, strength, vibration-absorption, and sound-deadening properties. All are fully customisable and adaptable to suit the required architectural conditions.

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Solve unique challenges with SPS.

Whether for a clean room floor or a rocket launch tower, SPS has been adopted for use in many protective structural systems. SPS structural composite panels are very efficient at spreading out loads from impacts and blast events, making SPS more efficient than conventional materials as it has a very large capacity-to-weight ratio and engages a larger area to resist the loads.

Additional energy dissipation through core plastic deformation and failure also has a positive impact. SPS is more efficient than regular steel or concrete even for concentrated load events, like ballistic events! SPS mitigates the effects of falling objects, vehicle impacts, gas or underwater explosions, blasts and extreme oil and gas fires.

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Blast Protection

Blast Protection with SPS Technology.

SPS panels are proven to absorb more blast energy through membrane action than equivalent all-steel structures and offer a rugged solution to modern-day threat protection. Unlike a concrete blast wall, SPS is designed not to spall or rupture, and is a proven, cost-effective, lightweight alternative to precast concrete. SPS has been verified by advanced finite element analyses — which was verified during full-scale testing — for various blast and impact scenarios. Prefabricated SPS panels can be incorporated into existing structures or be constructed as self-supporting structures to form blast walls.

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Ballistics Protection

Ballistic Protection with SPS Technology.

SPS structural composite panels can resist projectiles of several different threat levels for vehicles or buildings. From retrofitting citadel access protection in the Maritime industry – SPS anti-piracy doors are lightweight while offering proven ballistics protection — in the maritime industry to new, modular large transformer casings, SPS Technology has identified several areas where our structural composite can fortify most structures.

Please read more in this case study focussing on Citadel Protection.

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Impact & Dropped Object Protection

Impact & Dropped Object Protection with SPS Technology.

Originally developed through our Offshore market, SPS Technology has continued to develop dropped object applications across a variety of sectors. Using SPS’s inherent ability to efficiently absorb and dissipate impact energy, SPS assemblies have been designed for crash decks, impact protection and helipads. SPS Technology applies an ongoing process of advanced finite element analyses to our blast and impact products.

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation with SPS Technology.

SPS Technology offers a variety of solutions for direct impact from vehicles in the form of column protection at airports, or anti-ram protection barriers.

For column protection, SPS absorbs energy from radial impacts or glancing blows without contact or damage to the column. If the protection is damaged, the system is modular, fully replaceable and recyclable.

The rising anti-ram SPS vehicle barrier, tested successfully in the UK to industry standards in May 2015, impressively brought a 40-tonne truck to a complete standstill in our testing.  The unique properties of the SPS lifting panel absorbed the impact energy avoiding any damage to the primary support structure and mechanics, allowing for quick recommissioning of the system.

Please watch the SPS hostile vehicle mitigation barrier in action on YouTube.

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Prefabricated Modular Units

Prefabricated Modular Units with SPS Technology.

  • Secure Modular Facilities
  • Pressure Chambers and Vessels
  • Explosion Proof Rooms
  • Large Transformer Casings
  • Refuge and Safe Rooms

All SPS modular units are fully adaptable.  They are prefabricated and manufactured off-site and can be delivered as a complete prefabricated unit or as a flat-pack solution. Architectural solutions have included window and door openings, and service runs that are pre-planned and coordinated with other trades before arrival on site. Whether arriving as a complete room or a flat pack, SPS modular units are still light enough to be lifted into place using a standard crane. A long-life product, with pick-proof surfaces, the modular units are strong, sound-deadening, vibration-absorbing and offer blast resistance.

Please watch our video.

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Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms with SPS Technology.

SPS Technology is building a strong global track record of using SPS structural composite panels to solve the unique challenges of clean rooms, including installations in leading semiconductor manufacturers’ facilities. SPS offers a superior high-performance, fully removable, lightweight floor system of ‘pop-out’ panels with built-in impact resistance, noise and vibration damping as well as thermal insulation. Offering easier access to below floor spaces, SPS pop-out panels are used as an alternative to reinforced and cast-in-place concrete, heavy steel or stiffened aluminium panels, which are prone to deformation.

These unique panels are maintenance-free and fully recyclable. SPS pop-out panels can be manufactured to any required size or geometry, with load carrying capacities designed to meet your requirements.

Please download our Clean Room Product Sheet.

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Escape Tunnels

Escape Tunnels with SPS Technology.

SPS Technology’s collaborative process can be seen in the blast and fire-resistant Glen Lyon FPSO Escape Tunnel that runs the length of the FPSO’s processing modules, facilitating a safe escape route to muster points for the offshore crew. Designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of the North Sea and resist extreme emergency loads, the double SPS outer shell provides a primary barrier to survive accidental loads from both an initial blast and subsequent hydrocarbon and jet fires.

Please find out more in this Escape Tunnel case study.

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Storage Tank Repairs

Storage Tank Repairs with SPS Technology.

Applicable to storage tanks of all shapes and sizes, underground or aboveground, SPS can deliver protection against tank leakage; a new tank boundary (floor, shell or roof) that can readily be monitored without risk of corrosion; a safe, fast and straightforward installation procedure; as well as a strong, long-lasting tank structure. SPS is a permanent repair solution which can avoid time out of service, depending on the repair.

Read more about SPS tank repairs in this article Tanks and Terminals: Combatting Crisis with Composites.

Or, please read more in this case study about protecting tanks with SPS.

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FPSO Bulkhead Upgrades

FPSO Bulkhead Upgrades with SPS Technology.

SPS offers a versatile and efficient solution applicable to enhancing bulkhead resilience and providing superior blast and impact protection crucial for the safety of offshore operations. Designed for easy integration, SPS upgrades can be installed without significant disruptions to existing workflow. Our system not only delivers exceptional durability and strength but also incorporates additional benefits such as vibration and noise damping, fire resistance, and thermal insulation. Suitable for both new constructions and upgrades!

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Hull Impact Upgrades

Hull Impact Upgrades with SPS Technology.

SPS offers advanced hull impact protection solutions designed to shield marine vessels against significant impacts, ensuring enhanced safety and structural integrity. SPS not only safeguards the hull structure from potential ruptures in critical areas but also significantly contributes to energy absorption, offering superior protection during collisions.

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