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For a Modern Fan Experience

The SPS Stadia + Arenas System is more than just stadia decking: it is an entire ‘kit of parts’ for designing a stadium or arena.

Prefabricated, modular construction reduces construction and expedites the building process. Components arrive factory-finished, ready for the immediate installation of seats and handrails.

Our proprietary structural composite, SPS, is not concrete or aluminum but it can replace either.

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How does SPS compare to traditional systems?




Dynamic Performance & Fatigue Resistance

Impact & Sound Absorption

Seismic Performance

Long Span, Light Weight

Fully co-ordinated offsite manufacturing and finishing

Reprofiling of Existing Stadia

Flexible in Design. Quiet in Use.

Architecturally versatile SPS is a structural composite with superior properties compared to traditional grandstand materials. Prefabricated SPS provides:

  • A high strength-to-weight ratio to accommodate longer spans
  • Allows for lighter frames and fewer foundations
  • Superior dynamic loading control
  • Easier maintenance
  • Seismic responsiveness without cracking, spalling, separating or rupturing in an extreme event.

Explore endless creativity and construct virtually any structure with modular:

  • Walls, parapets and vomitory walls
  • ‘Bathtub’ cantilevered fascias
  • Concourses and walkways
  • ADA and Media Platforms
  • ‘Speed’ stairs and aisle steps
  • Column protection, vehicle barriers and safe rooms.
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SPS Saves Time and Money







New Builds

Indoor, outdoor, mid-way up a tall building? SPS is the most versatile, stadia decking product on the market.

MSU ballpark construction with SPS on upper tiers and vomitory walls

Upper Builds

Need to add an upper bowl, but can’t increase the foundations? You can with SPS.

Update Historic Venues

Every piece of SPS is custom designed. Save that history for future generations with our reprofiling solution.

Anfield stadium construction underway in 2016

Improve the Existing

Only need a new section? Or need to accommodate more VIPs? Maybe media? We’ll help maximise your space.

Choose the SPS Stadia + Arena System for cost-effective construction

Build a better tomorrow with SPS – the sustainable solution to stadium and arena construction.

The best environmental advantage a product can have is to be designed and made to have a long life. This is especially true of stadiums and arenas. Whether you are starting from the ground up or with an existing venue, it needs to be able to adapt and change to meet spectator expectations AND the demands of building. SPS delivers:

  • improve construction programme by reducing lift times.
  • carry loads and equipment immediately (once placed and bolted to).
  • allow for easier and faster fixing of additional components, reducing the number and duration of trades on site.
  • eliminate extra waste products on site.
  • allow earlier completion dates to be met.
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The SPS units were so light and easy to position. We simply followed the keyplan and erected it just like steel – in fact, easier.

Umut ÖzdemirProject Management Chief, SinerjiPro

The SPS stadia system is one of the most accurate systems we have worked with. The design-build process helped coordinate the accuracy of the structural steel and eliminated unforeseen conditions. The engineers at SPS Technology helped to coordinate and resolve complex expansion joint issues, which were a huge concern for our unstable site. The SPS system helped to complete a complex, 16-sided stadium in an extremely limited amount of time. As designers of sports venues, we especially appreciate the look of the finished system from below and above. The finish on the system is beautiful.

Douglas WoodwardRA, LEED AP, Associate, Senior Designer, ROSSETTI

We congratulate you and your team on the successful installation of the SPS terracing… and thank the SPS Technology team for all the efforts to make the Avaya Stadium one of the best in North America.

David Kavalformer President, San Jose EarthQuakes

Georgia Tech as an institution embraces innovation. The use of SPS on the McCamish Pavilion renovation confirms our commitment to utilizing new and proven construction technologies. We are very pleased with SPS and recommend it highly to those considering projects similar to ours.

Paul S. GriffinDirector of Athletics, Georgia Tech

Instead of using heavy concrete, lightweight materials normally reserved for ships were used to complete the upper seating area of the Philippine Arena. By applying creative ideas like this and leveraging SPS to the construction, precision increased, and the construction period was reduced.

Hanwha Corporation

There is no doubt that SPS terraces provided the right solution for our tight timetable. We are impressed with the high-quality finish and performance of the SPS terraces and were delighted that they met with the approval of our customers.

Charles BarnettChief Executive, Ascot Racecourse

SPS terraces helped to deliver a uniquely demountable structure with the feel of a permanent venue. A breakthrough in sustainable construction and a valuable legacy.

London Olympics 2012

Using SPS terraces helped to ensure that our new arena was ready for the start of our season, the Horse of the Year show… and has created more space for concessions and services under the new stands.

Managing Director of Arenas at The NEC GroupManaging Director of Arenas at The NEC Group

During our team's design study it was determined that, although the facility was in need of replacement, the current facility location was the number one choice for the daily users, and a renovation became apparent. By utilizing SPS, the team was able to design a new profile that allowed for deeper treads, wider seats and more comfortable aisles. This 'over-build' approach of the SPS System provided a very efficient construction schedule by minimizing the demolition needed, reducing the overall construction timeline and, ultimately, saving significant project costs for our client.

Ron GansPrincipal/Senior Project Designer, HOK

We designed the arena bowl with SPS terraces in mind; nothing else could have delivered the solution we wanted. I am delighted with the quality of finish we have achieved using SPS terraces -- they are the future.

Damon LavelleArchitect, Populous (prev HOK Sport)


Overdecking Existing Stadiums

Overdecking Existing Stadiums with SPS Technology.

In the past, renovating an existing stadium or stand would have involved substantial demolition/removal of the stands and facilities below, resulting in a complete rebuild from the bottom up. SPS Technology’s stadium decking system provides the opportunity to save money and gain a substantial reduction in installation time using SPS modules as an over-deck. SPS allows the architect to easily re-profile the existing stands for more comfortable and wider treads for the fans.

Our steel composite decking system gives a solution that is kinder, both on budget and the environment. Minor modifications to existing rakers result in upgraded sightlines and an improved 21st century spectator experience. Examples include Delaware Stadium, University of Delaware USA and Ascot Racecourse in the UK.

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SPS Platforms

SPS Platforms for Stadia + Arenas.

The current requirement to upgrade facilities with the addition of fan platforms, ADA platforms, standing bars, VIP sections and press boxes increases project cost and complexity. No matter the shape or size of the existing structure, areas can be levelled using SPS panels to generate new usable spaces. Previously underutilized areas are now made available for in-service. For those using wheelchairs, facilities can be reached from the concourse with the retrofittable SPS ADA platforms.

This exciting offering from SPS Technology provides the opportunity to reconfigure and adapt limited spaces easily and with minimal disruption. The low weight of SPS means that installation is easier, faster, and safer than other solutions. The end-product is a solid platform that feels just like walking on the ground. Such platforms have been supplied to the USTA, MLS EarthQuake’s Avaya Stadium,  University of Delaware’s Delaware Stadium and others.

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SPS Cantilever Fascia

SPS Cantilever Fascia for Stadia + Arenas.

SPS Technology has the best lightweight, engineered solution to easily mount digital ribbon displays or video banner boards onto the fascia of elevated seated stands in new or existing venues. For these first seating rows, an SPS ‘Bathtub’ provides an integrated, rigid, vertical surface (sized to suit requirements) with zero restriction to the fans, seated or standing. A multitude of different banners can be mounted to the field side of the fascia. The SPS Bathtub stadia treads are normally sized for riser-mounted seats but can also be configured with wide treads up to 10 feet [3 metres], to accommodate the architect’s design for stand-up crowd gatherings, ADA access or custom companion seating. Safety handrails are secured directly to the fascia using simple fastening techniques, meeting all OSHA safety design criteria. Integrating stand-up service or press tables is also possible.

SPS stadium surround panels are also available to enclose the field level ground floor-to-first row vertical faces. Used at both outdoor and indoor venues these panels provide a perfect simple-to-install surface to which all types of advertising media can be attached for both permanent or single event use.  The SPS surround panels also available with hinges to swing open and provide access beneath the stands.

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Walls, Parapet and Vomitory Walls

Walls, Parapet and Vomitory Walls using SPS Technology.

Walls in stadiums have traditionally been made from concrete or concrete masonry units. SPS walls – fabricated using slender but strong and lightweight SPS panels – have factory drilled holes for easy fitting of attachments like handrails or electronic sign boards or advertising panels. SPS walls can be installed anywhere providing new opportunities for advertising, increasing revenue, or improving stadium appearance. Team personalization is easily achieved with factory applied branding. Manufactured to any size and shape, SPS walls, parapet and vomitory walls include the hardware needed for other stadium components and incorporate swivel eye lifting points to ease installation.

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Speed Stairs

Speed Stairs using SPS Technology.

Manufactured offsite, these lightweight steel stairs are fabricated to your project’s specifications. SPS Speed Stairs arrive on-site finished and painted with non-slip coatings and nosings applied. Fitting holes and those required for handrail attachment have been pre-drilled with the precision that factory fabrication affords. Reduced stair weight results in less site transport as many flights of stairs can be stacked on one truck and only a light-duty crane is required for unloading and installation.

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Boutique Theatres & Auditoriums

Boutique Theatres & Auditoriums using SPS Technology.

Tight access, weight restrictions and high acoustic performance requirements for such facilities are solved with as SPS decking system.  SPS components are manufactured to match venue requirements. At 26 psf, SPS units can be easily installed using small mobile cranes or telehandlers. SPS is a steel product but final finishes for the ultimate fan experience can have fancy hardwood planks or ceramic tiles or directly applied carpeting depending on the architects’ vision.  SPS was used in this way at Studio City, Macau, China and RoxyTheatre at the Atlanta Braves’ Battery complex.

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Demountable and Reusable Stadium Decking

Demountable and Reusable Stadium Decking using SPS Technology.

Temporary riser units are designed and supplied to maximise seating capacity for one-off events, such as the Olympics or Formula 1 races. These can be taken down when the event is completed and the venue is remodelled for future use, such as the Aquatics Centre for LONDON 2012 . Demounted stadium decking units can be sold on for future use at other venues as part of an environmentally friendly building strategy.

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Terrace Expansion Projects

Stand Expansion Projects using SPS Technology.

Head height limits and weight restrictions raise issues for terrace, or stand, expansion projects. The thin through-thickness of the SPS stadium decking system enables seating capacity to be optimized with a shallower elevation than is achievable with concrete. SPS solved such issues at Anfield and West Ham stadiums in the UK.

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Concourses and Walkways

Concourses and Walkways using SPS Technology.

Large, open suspended floor areas benefit from the weight savings, fast installation, and easier logistics of SPS. SPS panels permit longer spans with shallower and lighter beams. They are installed quickly and provide immediate 100% design-load capacity and come with proper OSHA approved anti-slip surfaces.

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Blast and Ballistics Protection

Blast and Ballistics Protection using SPS Technology.

In general, SPS terraces will retain integrity after a blast event. SPS modules form a complete bay, are bolted to each other, and to each stool using high strength bolts. The system is inherently ductile and has tested and proven blast resistance with a variety of incendiary devices. SPS can withstand extreme loads and absorb impact energy very efficiently without cracking, spalling, separation or creating shrapnel.

The ballistics resistance of SPS has been determined in a series of independent third- party tests for various SPS plate types. SPS terraces and associated SPS products can be designed to achieve the ballistics protection that is required to protect fans and staff.

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Safe Rooms

Safe Rooms using SPS Technology.

Designed for venues that may be in tornado or hurricane zones, SPS safe rooms can easily be installed under terrace stands and, depending on their size, can be pre-assembled to reduce trades’ time on site.

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Vehicle Barriers and Column Protectors

Vehicle Barriers and Column Protectors using SPS Technology.

SPS vehicle barriers offer an extra level of venue protection. In testing, SPS vehicle barriers brought a 40-ton truck to a complete standstill. SPS column protectors are proven to absorb energy from radial impacts or glancing blows without contact or damage to critical columns.

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